Diagnosis and Treatment Options for Ministroke in Seniors

Diagnosis and Treatment Options for Ministroke in Seniors


To diagnose a microstroke, it is necessary that research data that visualize the brain do not show necrosis (death) of a brain area, as is the case with a stroke.


The brain is checked via tomographic methods as below:


computerized (rendered by x-rays);


magnetic resonance: in this case, the brain allows you to visualize a large magnet. It is better to consider the structure of the brain;


positron emission. This is an even more accurate method. It even allows the doctor to see the site of ischemia, if it is carried out before the end of the transient ischemic attack.


In addition to a tomographic study, it is important to examine the vessels of the brain for atherosclerotic plaques and blood clots. If they are found, you can perform the operation, and this will be the maximum possible measure of stroke prevention.


The list of mandatory research in microstroke also includes studies of the veins of the lower extremities (duplex or triplex scanning) and heart (ultrasound of the heart, 12-lead ECG), blood tests. They are needed in order to take appropriate measures to normalize the indicators. Then the chance that a microstroke will repeat or “outgrow” into a stroke decreases.


Treatment options:


The treatment begins at home, by ambulance doctors, and continues in the neurological hospital.


Treatment ensures that:


sufficient oxygen enters the blood. To do this, an oxygen mask may become necessary, and the patient may be transferred to the respiratory apparatus;


the absorption of oxygen and nutrients by neurons is improved. For this purpose, Cerebrolysin, and/or Ceraxon can be used;


blood pressure becomes normal;


the working of the heart is improved – with the help of cardiac glycosides (“Digoxin”, Strofantin “);


signs of cerebral edema are eliminated;


If during angiography of cerebral vessels, a strong (more than 50%) narrowing of one of them is revealed, its diameter may be expanded through a surgical procedure.


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