The Real Facts

There are a lot of misconceptions about Walmart. There's even a website that makes fun of people who shop with us. Well, we want you to know the facts — who shops with us and why. Take this opportunity to learn about our associates and the opportunities available to them and their families. Read about how we deliver low prices and the commitment we bring to the communities we serve.

The facts might surprise you.

Q: So, how big is Walmart?

A: We're the largest retailer in the world. But in truth, each store in the U.S. is run like a small business: the store manager runs the place and local suppliers help keep our stores stocked. For example, the produce aisles boast locally grown produce bought from local farmers. And each store...

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Q: I've heard things about workers and low pay. What are the facts?

A: Walmart's wages are at or above the retail industry average. In addition to competitive pay, our benefits include a 401K plan with a company match, education assistance, merchandise discounts and health care. Health care plans are available to eligible hourly associates starting at $17 per pay period...

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Q: What is Walmart's impact on a community?

A: The biggest myth is that Walmart undermines communities. The truth is really the opposite — Walmart only succeeds when the communities thrive. Across the United States, we have opened 86 new stores in underserved communities bringing in hundreds of new jobs...

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Q: Is there only one type of job at Walmart?

A: Nothing could be further from the truth. Walmart's 1.4 million U.S. associates range from part time students stretching their finances, a teacher working over the summer — to those looking to build a meaningful career like our store managers, engineers, computer scientists and truck drivers. Did you know...

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Q: Who shops at Walmart?

The reality is — America does. In fact, over 60% of America shops at Walmart every month. Our customers represent the diversity of the country — they are economically diverse and have every occupation and interest imaginable. That is part of the shared success...

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Q: Where does Walmart get its products?

A: From everywhere. While our suppliers come from every corner of the globe, over two-thirds of our products are partially or completely sourced in the United States. But of course there is room for more. In fact, the CEO of Walmart U.S....

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Q: Is there room for advancement at Walmart?

A: Yes. There is a culture of rewarding work. You can climb the ladder from a stocker or a cashier to a department manager, store manager, and beyond. In fact, about 75% of our U.S. store management teams started...

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Q: What is Walmart doing to help the environment?

A: We are using our size and scale to make a difference. We are working towards being powered by 100% renewable energy. 21% of our electricity comes from renewable sources, and in 2012 we became the #1 user of on-site solar power...

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Q: Is Walmart committed to community giving?

A: The Walmart Foundation donated over $1 billion last year in cash and in-kind contributions — focusing on hunger, healthy eating, career opportunity, sustainability, and women's economic empowerment. Much of the company’s giving is directed by local stores...

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