Who Shops Here

Over 60% of Americans shop at Walmart every month. And we're proud to help them build a better life. Living Better. That's the Real Walmart:

  • Our $4 generic prescription drug program has saved our customers $4.8 billion on medications
  • Families saved $1 billion on fresh fruits and vegetables in 2012
  • Over the past two years Walmart opened 86 stores in neighborhoods with limited access to nutritious produce
  • At the local level, Walmart employees help decide how to direct their store's charitable giving
  • Last year, Walmart donated more than 325 million pounds of food to Feeding America, more than 30% of which was fresh fruit and vegetables
  • In 2012, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation became the first partner of Feeding America to surpass 1 billion meals donated to fight hunger, the result of seven years of working together
  • In partnership with groups like the YMCA, Walmart helps more than 1 million children access healthier snacks and meals throughout the summer and school year
  • Walmart associates are sharing their time and logistics expertise with local food banks across the country to help them improve distribution, warehouse layout, and efficiency
  • In FY2013, Walmart and the Walmart Foundation committed more than $13 million to innovative programs across the U.S. that support nutrition education. Since the original commitment, more than $26 million in grants have been awarded.